Meet the 2018 Associates Scholarship Recipients

Jocelyn Brown:  Ron Holeman Honorary Scholarship

Jocelyn Brown.jpg


My name is Jocelyn Brown, and I am extremely grateful to have received the Ron Holeman Honorary Scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year.  I'm currently about to enter my second year of college at Eastern Oregon University.  I had a wonderful experience my first year being able to establish myself in my classes and my community.  I've always had a love for learning and being in college has only grown that passion.  I'm still working on completing my prerequisites to apply to the Oregon Health and Sciences University to complete my Bachelors of Nursing Science.  I plan to apply to my program this year, and if accepted, I look forward to being a part of the class of 2022. 

I cannot put words to how happy I am to not have any loans because of generous groups who offer scholarships to help young learners get their degrees.  Receiving scholarships like these makes me more excited for the school year and they help me to know that others believe I will reach my goals. 

Thank you again for your generosity and contribution to my education.


Idil Osman:  Suzanne Jackels Memorial Community Service Scholarship

     My name is Idil Osman.  I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon but consider myself first and foremost as Somali.  I'm an avid lover of books, traveling and ice cream.  I will be attending Clark Honors College at University of Oregon next year, with a major in Human Physiology and a minor in Business.  In the future, I hope to volunteer with Doctors without Borders and create a non-profit clinic for everyone but especially to help low income families and children.  I would like to express how grateful I am to have received the Associates Foundation Scholarship and the JoAnn Jeter Memorial Diversity Scholarship.  I am truly humbled to have not only received this money, but also the support and validation that come with it, to know that my goals and dreams are not as far off as they seem.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

IMG_Idil Osman.jpg

    The clear disparity between healthcare in developed and underdeveloped countries is a problem I knew I've always wanted to help resolve.  My travels have taken me to many countries within the past couple of years where I have seen first-hand just how those in underdeveloped countries suffer under the visibly lacking healthcare.  And this isn't just a problem I've seen in underdeveloped countries. Inadequate healthcare exists in our own state.  Volunteering in downtown Portland for the past four years with the homeless population of Portland has given me invaluable insights and has deepened my resolve.  I always knew I wanted to be an advocate for those whose voices aren't heard loud enough.  My work in social justice and the various leadership roles I've had in high school has taught me much about the importance of all voices being heard, and when an issue arises, if there's something you can do then do it.  This mentality has helped solidify my future goals and dreams.

    Medicine, as well, is no passing dalliance.  My passion for helping others is one that I've always had, and I've always been certain that on the medical field was where I was meant to be, before I knew anything about anything.  To grow means to evolve and adapt as the times change. Many of my passions have shifted as I grow and learn more everyday.  But my desire to help others has not.  I'm glad to have found such a deep-rooted passion that combines so many of my interests in this way.  I am excited for all that the future holds for me.  I have no doubt that the road ahead will be long and at times very challenging, but this scholarship will make the road that much easier to travel.


Brittany Scott:  Associates Scholarship


I am extremely honored and grateful to have been selected as a recipient of the Associates Scholarship. Thank you so much for your generosity and support as I achieve my educational goals.

I am currently a nursing student at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. I am half way through the nursing program and I have really enjoyed the clinical rotations in the hospitals and the classes. I have learned and grown so much already and I am excited for this next semester to begin again. In a year and a half, December of 2019, I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and I will begin working as a Registered Nurse.

My specific goal once I graduate is to work as a travel nurse for a couple years, since I enjoy experiencing new cultures. I then want to specialize in neonatal or pediatric nursing. Caring for others is what I am passionate about and my hope is to make a difference each day.

Thank you so much again for this scholarship and continually supporting college students, it is truly appreciated.


Kayla Freudenthal:  Don Davey Honorary Scholarship  

    Hello, my name is Kayla Freudenthal, and I am honored and excited to accept the Don Davey Honorary Scholarship this year!  This gracious money supports my fellow recipients and I to get the opportunities to gain knowledge and pursue careers that engineer the future.

Kayla Freudenthal.jpg

    I graduated with honors from Glencoe High school, class of 2018, and am excited to begin my next journey attending the University of Oregon to study Human Physiology and start my career in the medical field, with the goal of obtaining my doctorate.  After my college education, I hope to become an anesthesiologist, where I can live out my passion of helping others.  Throughout high school I worked 3 jobs, from customer service to nannying and volunteering in a hospital, where I've had the opportunity to experience the health field and work with patients.

    Growing up I have learned discipline and how to work hard for what you want to achieve in life.  I am thankful for my friend's and family's continuous support on my future path.  Again, I would like to thank the committee for selecting me for this scholarship, and am very eager to see the great things my future will hold!

    Kayla Freudenthal


Ethan Hoang:  Portland Marathon 21st Aid Station Scholarship

Dear Associates Foundation Scholarship Committee,

I am so honored to be selected as the 2018 Portland Marathon 21st Aid Station Scholarship recipient.  I would like to not only thank the committee for my award, but to also thank you for having these scholarships for students like me that is just starting out or trying to continue their education.  If not for these scholarships, it would be hard for many students to start, continue and complete their education.


My path for the next two years will be full-time at Mt. Hood Community College as an undergraduate majoring in Cyber Security/Associate of Applied Science, and part-time with AFROTC at University of Portland.  My goal is to continue with the AFROTC full-time.  As with kids/students of my generation, technology is a big part of life.  When technology goes down or gets hacked, it could ruin a person's life, a business or government.  My career choice will be the one to stop that from happening.  My interests in this field came from attending Programming/Coding classes at my high school and taking Cyber Security summer camp last year.  This is a much needed field.  Also, my uncle is a Colonel with Cyber Security and Operation in the US Air Force.  He as been a big mentor and supporter of my career choice.

I can't leave out my parents as being a big supporter and help with all of my goals (past and present).  I have recently achieved my Eagle with Boy Scouts of America (Troop 33).  I've been a scout since 4th grade, and the training/knowledge that I received through scouting cannot be taught anywhere else.  Every step in getting my Eagle, my parents has been a big part of it.  From driving me to the meetings/events, attending the meetings themselves/campouts, helping and pushing me to complete my merit badges, and so many other things.  Also, I can't leave out (per my mom), the money that they have put into me achieving my ultimate goal of Eagle Scout.  Another goal down, many more to go.

I am beyond grateful for this award and know that there were many applicants for this scholarship.  To be picked out from the many, I know that the choice was hard and I will work that much harder in my education.  My hope is to give back and help other students achieve their goals as the Committee is helping me achieve mine.

Sincerely and Grateful,

Ethan C. Hoang


Kevin Bergstrom :  Associates Scholarship

Dear Associates Foundation:

I would like to thank the Associates Scholarship program for awarding me with the Associates Scholarship this year.  This scholarship will make it possible for me to continue my education and defray some of the expenses of higher education.  It is the generosity from people like the Associates that help people like me to be able to afford college and better their lives and become productive members of society.  I can't thank you enough.


I am currently attending WSU Vancouver and will be a senior this upcoming year.  I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science.  I am excited to be going into my senior year where I will tackle my most challenging classes yet.

I became interested in computer science while in high school.  In 2015, I graduated from Skyview High School in the Science Math and Technology program with honors.  The SMT program sparked my interest in programming as a career and helped me focus on what I wanted to do.

While in high school I participated in extracurricular sports activities.  I was on the cross country and track team all 4 years in high school and lettered in track during my senior year.  I love running and joined the Clark County Running Club in high school.  I continue to be a member and join in their weekly runs.  I enjoy the outdoors and have volunteered with Friends of Trees, Whipple Creek Trail Restoration, giving back to the community in which I live.

After I graduate from WSU in May of next year I plan on becoming a software engineer.  I will use the skills I've learned in college to work on software development teams to help create new and more sophisticated software.  My goal is to be able to use my programming skills to solve interesting and complex problems and create state of the art software.

Thank again for award me with this generous scholarship.


Emma Tucker:  Associates Scholarship

Dear Associates,


I can't begin to express how thankful I am to be awarded this scholarship for the upcoming school year.  Any amount of financial burden that can be taken away from my family and I is something that I will always be thank for.  This scholarship will definitely be put to good use as I strive to continue excelling in the class room throughout my junior year after a challenging sophomore year due to my head injury.  I am extremely excited to use my degree and all of the knowledge I am gaining to not only better myself, but to help others in a career revolving around non-profit organizations.  Beginning this year as an upperclassman is surreal and I am trying to take in everything I can before this journey is over and I begin the next!  My goal is to receive another 4.0 this semester and to continue finding success in the class room and on the softball field, and this scholarship will play an important role in my success.  Thank you again for this amazing opportunity and for aiding in my achievements.


Alec (AJ) Weller:  Associates Scholarship

To whom it may concern:


Hello my name is AJ Weller.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Associate's Foundation and the scholarship committee for awarding me the Associates Scholarship and believing in my ability to reach success.  I am so humbled to have been chosen for this award.  This award will provide me with many opportunities in which I'm very grateful.

I graduated from Glacier High this last June and eagerly await the start of my college adventure this fall.  I will be attending Flathead Valley Community College and start working my way towards earning my Associate's of Science degree, I then plan on transferring to Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.  My goal is to become a Mechanical Engineer, and soon pursue a job at a place like spaceX.

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed designing and building things.  I would spend hours upon hours building with legos, tinker toys, and various building kits.  Every Saturday as a small child, my parents took me to Home Depot to build a new project.  My mom tells me a story about when I was 8 years old and we were traveling across country in the car.  Apparently, I asked my folks if I could build a robot.  She said yes, but that I needed to have a design.  So I found a Subway napkin and I drew up a robot, complete with a parts list.  My mother was amazed at the details.  Now that robot never got built, but instead I have constructed many other robots during my time in the Technology Student Association (TSA) club in high school.  In TSA, teams of students get together to design, build, test, troubleshoot, and rebuild VEX robots.  If your robot qualifies, your team travels to Billings, MT to compete at the state competition.  I have designed, built, and programmed the majority of our robot due to my teammates other obligations over the past few years.  I was even the one who drove the robot where we placed in the top 5 at state.  I really enjoy mechanical engineering and plan on pursuing a future in this field.

I am very excited for this next step in my life.  On behalf of the student winners, thank you for continuing to support and encourage higher education.  Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, AJ