Meet the 2017 Associates Scholarship Recipients

Jocelyn Brown:  Ron Holeman Honorary Scholarship

Hello my name is Jocelyn Brown, and I would like to thank all of the members of the Associates Foundation Scholarship Committee for awarding me the Ron Holman Scholarship and believing in my ability to reach success. These scholarships make it possible for students like me to pursue their goals and further their education without being preoccupied by the heavy burden of financial expenses. I've spent most of my life in the small town of Silverton, Oregon, and am extremely honored to receive this scholarship. 

I graduated from Silverton High School this last June and eagerly await the start of my college adventure. I am attending Eastern Oregon State University in La Grande, Oregon, and will be receiving my Minor in Spanish while completing my prerequisites for a Bachelors of Nursing Science. I plan on working as a Registered Nurse in labor and delivery. One day I aspire to pursue my Master’s degree so that I can practice as a Nurse Midwife. 

I have a wonderful family and very supportive parents who have always encouraged me to exceed expectations. My efforts in school have helped me feel prepared for my next steps in college, and this scholarship has helped lower my financial responsibility significantly.

Thank you again to everyone who was part of this decision, and I hope you continue to help students for many years to come. 


Jocelyn Rose Brown 

Brittany Scott:  Elmer Buehler Past President Memorial Scholarship

Scott 2017.jpeg

I am extremely honored and grateful to have been selected as the recipient of the Elmer Buehler Past President Memorial Scholarship. Thank you so much for your generosity and support to help me achieve my goals.

I am currently a nursing student at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. I am a Sophomore two in the program and I have really enjoyed my classes. I have learned a lot already and I am excited for this next semester to begin again. In two and a half years I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and I will begin working as a registered nurse.

My specific goal once I graduate is to  first work as a travel nurse for a couple years, since I enjoy experiencing new cultures. I then want to specialize in neonatal or pediatric nursing. Caring for others is what I am passionate about and my hope is to make a difference each day.

Thank you so much again for this scholarship and continually supporting college students, it is truly appreciated.

Elizabeth Brown:  Associates Scholarship

liz brown.jpeg

Dear Associates Foundation Scholarship Committee:

Thank you for the Associates $1,000 Scholarship, this will immensely aid me in pursuing my higher education. This scholarship is important to me because it will help me focus on my course work while helping relieve the financial stress of college. I will continue my studies at Eastern Washington University (EWU) in Cheney, Washington, as a junior and work to complete my Bachelors in Science with a major in Biology Pre-Med. I will then complete my graduate’s degree at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine to earn my PhD as a physician specializing in dermatology.

I attended EWU as a Running Start student during the last two years of high school. The Running Start Program gave me the opportunity to earn college credits while also satisfying high school graduation requirements. I was able to participate in multiple volunteer opportunities at EWU through the Running Start Club, as well as other college events. I participated in the Diversity and Inclusion Week at EWU, helped children at the community center make crafts with their families, assembled care packages for the homeless, constructed dog toys for SCRAPS and made cards for elders in nursing homes.

During my freshman year of college, I worked at McDonalds doing drive thru, counter, grill, and small managerial tasks. I am currently working in the catering service department at EWU setting up and serving at events that are held by organizations in the college. Working at the college has helped me build new relationships with students and staff at EWU.

I look forward to continuing my higher education and obtaining my goal of becoming a dermatologist. With my highest gratitude, I want to thank you so much for selecting me for this scholarship. It will help relieve financial stress so that I can focus on more important aspects, such as my education and serving my community. I hope that someday I can help someone as much as you have helped me.


Elizabeth Brown

Emma Tucker:  Debra Hansen Memorial Community Service Scholarship

emma tucker.jpeg

Dear Associates,

Thank you so much for awarding me this year’s Debra Hansen Community Service Memorial Scholarship. I’m honored to have received this scholarship and thankful for the impact it will have on this coming school year. While being a student athlete is extremely valuable for personal growth and learning, it does make working during the school year nearly impossible. I pay for half my tuition and expenses on my own, which I think is immensely important, because it helps me to become independent and responsible and truly value my education. However, even with full time hours in the summer time, it’s not enough to pay my tuition without graduating in debt which makes this scholarship that much more valuable to me.

As for some background information about myself; I graduated from Columbia River high school in 2016 and I am currently attending Montana State University Billings. As of now, I am pursuing a double major in marketing and management with a minor in communications while playing softball for the university. As a marketing major, my goal is to eventually have a career that allows me to work with non-profit organizations that truly make a difference in people's lives. This is one of the reasons why I value community service so highly. I believe that one of the most important things college teaches you is how to use your own success to benefit others. This past semester I have given back to the community in Billings through volunteering at the Billings Depot during Christmas time, assisting at youth softball camps, participating in Service Saturday, and working with Team Impact through the softball program. I have also given back to my community at home by fundraising for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital through Mr/Miss Columbia River, park clean up with Vancouver Parks & Recreation, volunteering at the Portland Marathon, and working at the Clark County Food Bank. These have been very enriching experiences for me, and I plan to continue this type of community involvement through college and into my career.

Thank you again for this opportunity!

Emma Tucker

Marco Holman:  Don Davey Honorary Scholarship


I would like to thank the Associates Foundation Scholarship Committee for granting me the generous Don Davey Honorary Scholarship.  With this scholarship, I will be able to facilitate the continuation of my various academic pursuits and studies. Both in and outside of school, my primary interests have always revolved around the study of history, language, and world cultures.  I have helped organize and participate various non-profit events such as the Cascade Festival of African Films and the Thrive Youth Refugee Program.  I also have a deep interest in art and music and have been playing and studying the guitar, piano, and saxophone for close to ten years.  With the aid and support from the Don Davey Honorary Scholarship, I will be able to continue my academic and extracurricular interests at Occidental College in Los Angeles this fall where I am planning on majoring in either History, Spanish, or Latin American studies.  I would like to express my deep thanks and gratitude, once again, to the Scholarship Committee for this award.


Marco Holman 

Jessica Zak:  Associates Scholarship

jessica zak.jpeg

Dear Associates Foundation Scholarship Committee,

My name is Jessica Zak, and I am honored to be this year’s recipient of the Associates Foundation Scholarship. I truly appreciate that you selected me for this award.

I just graduated from Clackamas High School, where I played on the girl’s golf team and in their JV concert band, pep band, and marching band. This summer, I’ve started volunteering with the First Tee Program at the Children’s Course for their summer golf camps, where I help teach kids how to play the game of golf as well as important life skills. In the fall, I plan on attending Clackamas Community College, where I’ll take all of the classes I need to complete before transferring to a four year university to finish my education. I want to study English, as I hope to be an editor for a publishing company in the future.

Thank you so much for selecting me for this scholarship, this will greatly help me cover the expenses for my first year of college.


Jessica Zak

Ruth Meeker:  Associates Scholarship


Dear Associates,

Thank you for selecting me for the Associates $800 Scholarship. Your generosity will enable me to achieve goals and brighten not only my future, but help me to reach out and touch bigger communities. I am honored and extremely grateful to be receiving this award, and plan to honor it by being a well rounded scholar and inspiring individual.

I am currently preparing to start my sophomore year at Northwest Christian University, continuing on with my Music Composition Major. This year holds a great deal of excitement for me as I will be working as an RA (Residence Assistant) in the girls dormitories, as well as representing the student body as the Vice President of Academics. I count myself very blessed to have been awarded these positions and I look forward to serving the campus community. I plan on remaining at NCU for the next three years studying Music Composition. At this university I get the opportunity not only learn theory, but also participate in an acapella group, have my compositions played in the winter and spring performances, and have a one on one composition specific lesson with a talented instructor. NCU will give me the perfect foundation for my future career and provides the necessary support to make my composition journey my own.

After I get my degree, I plan to continue my studies through internships, first in Seattle, and then eventually the film industry in LA. I am going to be a film composer because music is more than just a score to me. Instead it's a means to communicate emotion in a way that acting cannot. When I hear a soundtrack and it gives me chills, and I can't help but smile, I know that this is the right career for me. Although it will be a long and competitive journey, I have no doubt that I will achieve my goal. Having been the only Black girl at school until my college years, I have learned that I can overcome any obstacle that seems too big to conquer, and that nothing, not even my ethnicity or background can keep me from getting to the top. I want to write music that makes an audience feel chills, and that makes them smile because it's so beautiful, so that music is not lost during the making of a film. This scholarship is a stepping stone to this dream, and is helping me pave my path to Hollywood.

Once again, I would like to thank the Associates Foundation for encouraging me in my pursuits. I am honored to be recognized and can't wait to make you proud through my endeavors.

Chetan Dindukurthi:  Portland Marathon 21st Aid Station Scholarship


Thank you very much for awarding me Portland Marathon 21st Aid Station Scholarship. I am honored and grateful to receive this scholarship.        

My name is Chetan Dindukurthi and I am in my second year in college at Oregon State University. I am currently studying to obtain a undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with minors in Computer Science and Mathematics. After completing my undergraduate program at OSU, eventually I plan to pursue Masters’ program in robotics.

During my high school years, I have been involved in a variety of clubs like Speech and Debate, Science club, Robotics club and National Honors Society. I had participated in robotics competitions for the past 6 years. 

At OSU, I am member of robotics club and part of Drone Racing group.