7,000 Strike Flint

7,000 Strike Flint


7,000 Strike Flint All Weather Firestarter

DIRECTIONS: TO IGNITE DAMP TINDER:  Shave magnesium into a quarter size pile.  Place fine tinder on top of magnesium.  Then ignite with solid firm scrape of flint.  (If you have Paduke handle, use that for the kindling.)

TO IGNITE FINE, DRY TINDER:  Set tip of flint directly into tinder.  Scrape firmly
all the way to the end of the flint rod.  If tinder does not ignite right away scrape flint consecutively 2 or 3 times.

  • If flint is new, you will need to break it in by scraping hard until you create a groove in the flint,

  • Make sure striker or knife is angled down to create spark,

  • For best results, flint rod should be nearly touching tinder,

  • If scraper is lost, a knife, broken glass, chipped rock or any hard sharp edge will work,

  • Tinder includes: moss, dead grass, pine needles, leaves, wood shavings, pocket lint,  

Of course the Paduke handle is perfect for kindling.

SIGNAL:  Shower of sparks can be seen for up to 3 miles at night.  Allows you to be located when boating, walking, hiking, hunting or when your vehicle breaks down.  Smoke signal can be seen from several miles away.

FIRE:  Magnesium burns at 5400 degrees F making it possible to ignite green or damp tinder.  Hot flint sparks of 1200 degrees F easily ignite fine dry tinder.  Sparks light gas stoves, propane heaters, barbeques etc.

LIGHT:  When you scrape lightly back and forth sparks illuminate the area around you allowing you to walk safely or locate items in the dark.

Please note: box is for display purposes and does not come with flint

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