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Craft Fair - New Dates

  • Bonneville Power Administration 905 Northeast 11th Avenue Portland, OR, 97232 United States (map)


The Associates Craft Fair

Portland, Oregon

  • Thursday, December 6 2018

  • Friday, December 7, 2018 10am-2:30pm

Application Due Date:

  • Current Vendors: Sept 21, 2018 (If you wish to be considered for previous location)

  • New Vendors: Oct 5, 2018

About the Associate Craft Fair

The Associates Craft Fair has been providing locally made crafts since 1991. 

This event has become a tradition enjoyed by both artisans, federal employees, and the community.

The Northwest Federal Employee Association, also know as ‘The Associates’, The Associates is a charitable organization that provides outreach to its local community to donate cash, medical equipment, collects food for those in need, awards scholarships, and give holiday gifts foster children.

Booth Space

  • The Associates will provide 1 table and 2 chairs

  • Size of the table 30" x 60"- Each vendor can have 1 table to sell their product

  • Two tables @ 30" x 60" will be provided IF space is available

  • The table space size and location will be provided to you about month prior to the event.

  • Vendor booth space is limited to 48” x 72” (table and space directly behind table) for one table or 48” x 148” for two tables

  • Vendors are limited to this space for their display, storage, seating, etc.

  • Please do not rearrange tables or move outside of the space as tables are set-up in accordance with facilities, safety, and ADA requirements

  • Please plan accordingly to use the table space that is provided for you.


  • 1 table 30" x 60" in Room 122 is 10% of sales

  • 1 table 30" x 60" in Hallway is 15% of sales


  • The Associates will NO longer be providing WiFi to vendors.

  • Vendors are expected to provide their own WiFi or data plan for their credit card sales.

Load In and Out times

  • All merchandise will need to be delivered to Bonneville Power Administration on the Tuesday prior to the event.

  • Bonneville Power is a Federal Secure building and all merchandise will need to be inspected.

  • Exact load-in location and time will be provided to you about a month in advance of the event.


905 Northeast 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232

  • Please see below to select a time

  • NO Product shall arrive the day of the events

  • Bring everything that you will need/want to sell on Tuesday during your scheduled load-in time.

Register for the Craft Fair

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Unload/Set-up Time on Tuesday, Dec 4, 2018
All merchandise will need to be delivered to Bonneville Power on the Tuesday, before the event. Bonneville Power is a Federal Secure building. All merchandise will be inspected. NO Product shall arrive the day of the events. Bring everything that you will need/want to sell on Tuesday. Exact load-in location and time will be provided to you about a month in advance.
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Second Choice Check-In time slots
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Please select your preferred booth location. We will do our best to accommodate, NO guarantee. Folks with a booth in the Hallway are required to take down their booth every evening. I would like to have my booth located in:
Number of tables: *
Associates will provide one table and two chairs. All tables are 30" x 60." Each vendor can have one table. Two tables can be provided IF space is available.
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Your Name
Tell us about you and your product:
We want to know more about our vendors and their products so that we can help promote you. Please provide detailed answers below and email us good quality .jpg pictures of your product.
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At no time during the session are the Associates or the committee members responsible for any loss due to theft or damage of merchandise. All merchandise and display items must pass a security screening before being brought into the building. A screening time will be scheduled on the day prior to the date of the bazaar. Merchandise will be secured in a locked room when not on display during the bazaar hours. Room will be open by 8:30 a.m. the day of the event for vendors to set up. Crafter will be responsible for overseeing the table(s) assigned to them during the hours of the bazaar. Max 2 people per booth. Max 1 vendor per booth. Booths locations are at the sole discretion of the Associate Craft Fair committee. Placement will be determined according to the following: local artisans, variety of product, returning vendors, merchandise made out of the United States, Direct Sales, and Multi-level Marketing. No changes or swapping shall be done of booth after November 12, 2018. Crafter agrees to participate both days of the Bazaar. All Crafters in the hallway by the cafeteria and in the lobby of the building will disassemble their displays at the end of each day and will store their merchandise in Room 122 overnight. A tally sheet and donation of 10% or 15% of sales (depending on booth location) is requested at the end of the fair. By agreeing below, applicant agrees to the above terms and responsibilities.
I agree to the above responsibilities. *
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Earlier Event: November 8
Veteran's Day Celebration