The Northwest Federal Employees Association (NWFEA or “Associates”) is a nonprofit organization established under IRS paragraph 501(c)(4) to maintain the general welfare and provide specified benefits to all active, retired federal and contract employees whose agency is located in the greater Portland/Vancouver area, including all locations across the Pacific NW, Idaho and Montana. The Associates currently includes employees from the following agencies:

  • DOE Bonneville Power Administration
  • DOI Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • DOI Bureau of Land Management
  • DOI Regional Solicitor's Office
  • DOI Fish and Wildlife Service
  • DOI US Geological Survey
  • DOC National Marine Fisheries Service
  • USDA Portland
  • Pacific NW Federal Credit Union
  • Paragon Systems

The federal government does not permit fundraising or passing of the hat. To respond to social and welfare concerns, the Associates were formed by employees of the Bonneville Power Administration in 1938.  The existing organization operates under a Constitution and Bylaws. These documents are periodically revised to reflect the changing needs and perspectives of the organization.

The Associates sponsors social and community-outreach projects, sponsoring a neighborhood safe room for first responders, veteran’s and foster children giving trees during the holidays, and quarterly food drives.

The Associates became very involved in providing blood to the American Red Cross during World War II. We have continued to be a community leader in this area and have received recognition from the Red Cross over the years. The Associates has been one of the larger corporate suppliers of blood products in the Portland/Vancouver area.

Some highlights of our other programs are: 

  • Member Discounts – Rose Quarter events (Blazers, concerts), Memorial Coliseum events (Winterhawks), PGE Park events (Timbers and Thorns), Portland Center Stage, and Broadway Across America

  • Community Outreach – blood drives, canned food drives, first responder safe room, foster children and veterans holiday giving trees

  • Special Events – craft fair and annual lunch held at BPA headquarters; annual summer picnic and children's holiday roller skating party at Oaks Park

  • BPA Logo Wear – available to everyone

  • Emergency Preparedness kits in conjunction with Simple Safety – available to everyone

  • SCRIP - gift card ordering program.  Gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, clothing, movies, home improvement, etc. – available to everyone

  • Member Sports Programs – FEGA, Hood to Coast, Portland Marathon, softball, soccer

  • College Scholarship Program (for members’ children)

  • WATTS News and its archives (monthly newsletter)

You can join The Associates at any time on-line by filling out the membership form and paying the $5 annual dues.

If you prefer to Join by mail, send a completed form and your dues to:

The Associates
Membership Chair, B-155
905 NE11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232

Our organization has been serving its members and community for 80 years and we continue to be a very important part of being a federal employee.

You are welcome to attend the monthly meetings which are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month.